Package »essentials« for Common Lisp

The package essentials for Common Lisp provides 4 Macros which aid in formatting and readability of Common Lisp source code. License: GNU General Public License 3 Portability: Standard conformant Tested implementations: CLisp, SBCL Article refers to version 0.0.1 of package Download package (current version) See also: Drew McDermott: YTools: A Package of Portable Enhancements to […]

Spots for the »Wollt Ihr Wissen« campaign, advocating for Yes in the referendum on Berlin water service

The following 14 spots were produced in winter 2011 for the campaign »Wollt Ihr Wissen« (»You Wanna Know«) which advocated for Yes votes in the citizens-initiated referendum on the Berlin water service, held on February 13th, 2011. Among others, contributing to the spots were: Jens Best (something with bits), David Hachfeld (Oxfam, spokesperson for economy […]